Monday, December 29, 2008

Tevy @ Centennial Journalism’s Weblog (and some shout outs)

One of our professors made a blog for our journalism class @ Centennial college. As "Centennial Journalism's Weblog," it's got a ton of articles written by myself and my fellow classmates. It also has pictures :)

Check out a feature I wrote on kosher food @ the Royal Winter Fair back in October:

Also, check out a profile that was done on yours truly by a fellow journalism student at Centennial College. It's a work of art! I had tears... tears of joy

Enjoy reading! And while I'm at it (it being publicizing myself, something I don't like doing), I'll shift the focus off myself to others with a few shout outs.

One.... (he gets first dibs cause he just told me he's reading the blog) to Ed Abramovitz on his recent engagement to Michelle Rosen, and for simply being an awesome person

Two.... To Aaron Samole and Sarah Shainhouse on their marriage that took place a few hours ago! What a great night! Mazel Tov! (And let me make a quick note on something, when you say on faceboook you're attending an event, ATTEND IT!! No one likes a no show) Regardless, t'was a great night for all who attended

Three... To Celeste De Muelenaere. Not only because she's a fellow Centennial Journalism student, but it was her birthday yesterday too (and I probably missed a party:(

Four... To Heshy Freid and his website. When I found this, I was so happy to see that someone made a blog or some sort of collection of thoughts and writings of this calibre and particular topic of interest. I've always wanted to do something like that since leaving yeshiva but didn't feel like the right person to do so. Glad to see that someone took advantage of a great opportunity and did it well so successfully (I even plugged it to a guy I met at the wedding I went to last night, thinking he'd get a kick out of it). And a belated happy birthday as well! And... If I may suggest for a new topic (if you end up reading this), I know you've done several wedding posts but how bout a list of all the dances you see @ frum weddings. we're talking line dances, putting the chasan and kalla on top of a table and pray to G-d the group of guys don't let go and drop the table. Oh, and to answer your survey: Mamma Leah's (I've got old Ner connections)

Five... To Talia Shmuel who recentely wrote this fantastic piece: OR here (it's my profile, but there's a link there too)

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