Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Feautures in Town

The Mayor of TevyTown has decided to introduce a few new features to town. They could come around here or there, one a week, when I feel like it; they're just a few things I wanna get out in the open. Fun stuff, check em' out.

Life and What Life Shoud be

An on going entry about Judaism vs. the world ar
ound me. How I'm dealing with things around me, current things going on etc. "A little bit of Torah amongst the craziness."

Flashback Freeze

Let's go back in time and talk about something that happened to myself that's worth talking about around, include why it's relevant (duh).

This Day in Yeshiva History

Citing journal entries, we go back to the greatest year of my life and find out what I was doing @ that time. A space for nostalgia, inspiration... something to feel good about.

Week/Month in Review

What the title says. I'll do my best to post these on either Fridays, Sundays
or Mondays. If I miss those dates then I'll make it up on Tuesday or Thursday. If it isn't something substantial to give it its own own post, it'll wind up here.

Now enjoy the next two entries...

And a very happy birthday to my dad, Zev who turned 50 last week!!

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